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A New Challenger Arrives…

14 Aug



Laugh Like You’re Perpetually Twelve!

27 Jul


Call For Your Free Readin’

12 Apr


“Went to a party. I danced all night. I drank 16 beers And I started up a fight”

23 Mar


Steve Jobs is Dead…but We’re Still Hiring

8 Oct

After an “Event” in Chuzzlewit’s Book Store

26 Sep

Interested in following this mini story arc from the beginning? Go Here.

Rondorr Halloween Print Out Mask

19 Sep

Hey kids! Are you undecided on what to be for Halloween? Now you can BE Rondorr the Mystic!

  • Download and print out the mask above!
  • Cut out the mask along with holes for the eyes and mouth. Cut along the dotted lines (have an adult help)!
  • Color the mask!
  • Punch out two small holes at the two “X” marks on the side of the face to attach an elastic string (have an adult help)!
  • Be an actual wizard!